We at Hi Flo Plumbing specialise in all aspects of drainage. From unblocking your drains, to providing you with a quality drainage rebuilding service.

We can conduct a CCTV inspection of your drains, this allows us to see inside your blocked or slow draining pipework. By doing this we can accurately gauge the nature of the drainage issue, eliminating all the guess work. This translates to an accurate repair everytime.

If efficiency and advancement is what you are looking for, Hi Flo Plumbing has many different stormwater harvesting solutions available. Rainwater tanks can be installed either above or underground, collecting water from your roof. This water can be used to feed your washing machine, hose taps, toilets and even your laundry taps. A low level water main top up ensures your tank will never run empty.

These are just a few examples of why Hi Flo Plumbing is the right choice for you.

We strive for a satisfied customer, everytime, and that's why we say "Hi Flo is the way to go." Call 0451 182 000 to find out more.

CCTV camera inspection and locating of damaged section of sewer drain.

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