Leaking Taps

Have you been noticing a continuous dripping sound in your kitchen lately? If so, it’s likely an indication of a leaking tap. Although it may seem like a minor problem, the potential of damage or even the issue turning into a major emergency is a real possibility.

Here are some common causes of leaking taps:

1. Loose or worn-out O-rings: The O-rings, responsible for sealing a tap spindle, may become damaged or loose over time, particularly with taps which haven’t been serviced in a while.

2. Worn-out washers: Friction between the washer and the valve seat can gradually wear down the washer, leading to leaks.

3. Water pressure problems: Water pressure plays a significant role in determining the lifespan of tapware.

Manufacturer warranties with new tapware may even be voided if the pressure exceeds the maximum specified safe working pressure. High water pressure drastically reduces a taps lifespan.

Issues with water pressure can result in either weak or strong water flow from the tap.

4. Valve seat damage: Corrosion or cracks often occur due to the tap washer constantly sealing against the seat (sometimes numerous times a day), which can damage the valve seat. Valve seats require machining every few years to keep things working smoothly.

5. Broken parts: If you notice leaks beneath your sink, it could indicate broken pipes or sink seals which require attention from a professional plumber.

Pipes are sealed with rubber rings. Rubber deteriorates over time. Sinks are sealed using sealant. When these seals deteriorate, it leads to leaks under your sink.

6. Faulty installation: Leaks can occur when parts are improperly installed, such as connectors that are not sufficiently tightened, to prevent water from escaping. Or overtightening, which breaks the seal on pipes.

If your fixtures are not installed as per manufacturer’s specification, it can lead to things leaking prematurely.

If you’re experiencing a leaking tap, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of Hi Flo Plumbing to diagnose and resolve the issue promptly.

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